Take The Risk: Learning To Identify, Choose, And Live With Acceptable Risk

By Ben Carson M.D.

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By avoiding risk, are you also avoiding the full potential of your life? The surgery was as risky as anything Dr. Ben Carson had seen. The Bijani sisters — conjoined twins — shared part of a skull, brain tissue, and crucial blood flow. One or both of them could die during the operation. But the women wanted separate lives. And they were willing to accept the risk to reach the goal, even against the advice of their doctors … As a child on the dangerous streets of Detroit, and as a surgeon in operating theaters around the world, Dr. Ben Carson has learned all about risk — he faces it on a daily basis. Out of his perilous childhood, a world-class surgeon emerged precisely because of the risks Dr. Carson was willing to take. In his compelling book, he examines our safety-at-all-costs culture and the meaning of risk and security in our lives. In our 21st-century world, we insulate ourselves with safety. We insure everything from vacations to cell phones. We go on low-cholesterol diets and buy low-risk mutual funds. But in the end, everyone faces risk, like the Bijani twins did with their brave decision. Even if our choices are not so dramatic or the outcome so heartbreaking, what does it mean if we back away instead of move forward? Have we so muffled our hearts and minds that we fail to reach for all that life can offer us — and all that we can offer life? Take the Risk guides the reader through an examination of risk, including:

• A short review of risk-taking in history.
• An assessment of the real costs and rewards of risk. • Learning how to assess and accept risks.
• Understanding how risk reveals the purpose of your lives.

Dr. Carson shares personal stories of decisions he’s made as a surgeon and a man, each story showing the adventure that risk can contain — it is the essence of our life’s journey. Included is the author’s personal risk grid. With this tool, you’ll learn how to quickly sum up a risk, judge its acceptability and move forward confidently with your decision in hand. Most of all, Take the Risk challenges us to reaffirm that our lives have great purpose, and that risking wisely is the gateway to dreams fulfilled and a legacy of influence in the world around us.


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