Purses And Wallets

By Patty Abbey

GH₵ 35.00

Sold by Patty Abbey


Adoley is loud:Koshie is annoying :Aku is the pivot that holds the friendship. These three beautiful women with different personalities are bounded by a common past and though each had learned a great deal from past experiences, life still present them with more difficult decisions to make each day. Aku is caught between succumbing to the pressures of her mother, that of her new position at work and choosing the right man. Koshie who has built a protective shell around herself yearns for the warmth of a man and Adoley does everything to redeem her dignity as a lady.
Presented with these difficult choices, these women are torn between letting go of the past as well as forgetting the lessons they had learned from it to taking up risk and new chances, but in the process also shaping their lives to suit the oppressive morals of society in PURSES AND WALLETS. They are however yet to discover that the most important is to be happy and enjoy life because that’s all that matters…


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