Since We Told The Truth: Our Life Can Never Be The Same

By The Nine

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After the first book "Hutterites" Our Story to Freedom was released the readers emphatically suggested the authors continue with more in-depth detail. "Since We Told The Truth" answers the challenge, as "The Nine" answer the reader’s questions and go beyond their personal experiences to prompt us to restore timeless principles neglected by the leaders of generations past. Every citizen has a God given moral obligation to stand against oppression whether emotional, physical, spiritual, or financial. Therefore, those who are established in truth and justice must judge, speak, and act in boldness against such forms of malicious control. Passionate leaders with a burning pursuit for justice, for what is right, ought to call out and muster those like-minded and establish the godly principles that inspire vision, determination, and hope. "Since We Told The Truth" is a cogent invitation to all who have been numbed by a call of action! for themselves, their family, and their nation. (The Nine)


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