Jewish Wisdom For Business Success: Lessons For The Torah And Other Ancient Texts

By Levi Brackman And Sam Jaffe

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Sacred Jewish texts such as the Torah and the Kabbalah have long been con-sid-ered repositories of some of the greatest wisdom ever assembled. Yet only the smartest and most successful business professionals take advantage of these powerful collections of advice. Using real-world business situations as illustrative examples, this book reveals a four-thousand-year-old blueprint for success.

Readers will find practical insights on:

conquering fear - harnessing will power - removing ego from the equation - mas-tering negotiation techniques - dealing with failure - utilizing spiritual entre-preneurship - harvesting the power of positivity - and finding the right balance of character traits to succeed in any career or business venture

The ancient Jewish writings contain a breadth of knowledge anyone can use, in business and in life. This enlightening and practical guide gives readers the direction they need to make it work for them.


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